Easy & Delicious Hot White Chocolate

1 Easy Recipe, 2 Chocolate Lovers, 3 Ingredients, 4 Steps, 5 Minutes!!!!

I have been loving White Chocolate drinks lately, they’re not too sweet and it’s always just the right amount of chocolate. I was recently craving one and decided to make it myself, which I’m glad I did! It’s so easy and very delicious, here’s how I did it-

You’ll Need:

  1. Four Cups of Milk (any kind you prefer)
  2. 1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract (I used Vanilla paste, worked the same)
  3. 230 Grams of White Chocolate (In small pieces)

To Do:

1. Place all ingredients into a medium sized pan.

2. Set temperature to low – medium and place pan over heat.

3. Do not leave the pan! Keep stirring every minute to avoid burning.

4. Once chocolate is completely melted, pour into your favourites mugs!

Done! It’s that easy!

Only takes 5 – 10 minutes and serves two people!

You can also add some cream on top with cinnamon or little chocolate pieces!

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy recipe, make sure to comment below if you tried it out!

xx ❤️ Krystal

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