Comfy & Stylish Summer Outfits

Three outfits I’ve been loving this summer!

I find summer a difficult time to figure out what to wear, I don’t want to be sweating in my outfit and having my clothes sticking to me (which is not a pretty look on anyone) and I don’t want to be feeling uncomfortable in the awful heat. So I’ve decided to share these three outfits that I’ve been wearing non stop these last few weeks.

Flutter Sleeve Wrap Playsuit



Finding two pieces of clothing to put an outfit together and making sure colours and styles match can get so frustrating and time consuming, which is why playsuits are always my ‘go to’.

The pale pink colour of this playsuit is stunning plus the flower design gives it an extra touch. The thing I love about this outfit is that you can dress it down or dress it up. I always either wear it with flats making it into a casual look or I wear high heels turning it into a classy look.

The material is so light and it doesn’t fit tightly around you body, making it easy to move around without feeling sweaty and hot. I purchased this playsuit at Jay Jays.

Victory Top & Split Maxi Skirt



This is my number one favourite outfit at the moment! I’ve worn it to so many events and occasions within the last month, I love it!

I’ve been obsessed with off the shoulder tops lately (especially in this heat) it’s nice and cooling not having that extra layer on your shoulders. And just like the previous outfit, the material is very thin, so it barely even feels like your wearing anything..! I purchased this top at Ice.

Onto the skirt!! Split Maxi Skirts are the best kind of skirts I reckon, because they’re so comfy, shows off some leg but not too much and you can style them with pretty much anything! I purchased this skirt at Ice.

Beatrice Bardot Crop Top & Stripe Cullots

Would you believe this top was only $6 … um yeah! This top is so easy to style with different kinds of skirts or pants. Another thing that’s great about ‘off the shoulder’ tops is that you can wear any kind of necklace depending on which style you’re going for! For example if you’re wanting a casual style, you’d wear a thin simple chain. And if you wanted to glam it up a bit, just add a charm to the necklace or a thicker chain. It’s so easy!

I decided to put them with these pants, since they’re the most comfiest pants you’ll ever wear! Although they are long, the material is similar to the previous outfits, it’s thin and light. I purchased the top at Boohoo and the pants from Femme Connection.

These three outfits have helped me through these dreadful heat waves, keeping me feeling cool and also staying stylish.

Let me know if you have any outfits you’ve been loving and where they’re from!

xx Krystal

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