Heavenly Scented Candles!

Candle Collection.

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I LOVE candles! It’s so peaceful to lay back with a candle lit up, making the room smell sweet and fresh!

Since I have so many candles, I thought I would share my favourites just incase there’s anyone else out there who loves candles just as much as I do!

When ever I spot candles in mason jars I can’t hold back!

Look at them !!

On the left is a vanilla candle from typo with a rose gold lid (adds to the cuteness). A lot of vanilla candles are very plain smelling, but this one is so different and unique!!

On the right is a milk coffee candle, once I light this one up it honestly takes only 1 minute for the entire room to smell like a nice morning coffee. Very relaxing smell.

This candle was given to me as a gift, I wouldn’t usually get this kind of scented candle, it’s a bit too sweet!

But WoodWick is a really great brand, plus the scent Black Cherry smells exactly like a lollipop!

If you look at the wick, it’s different compared to a normal candle! It makes the candle make a crackle sound, so when it’s lit up it sounds like you’re near a fireplace! One of the best sounds!

This Tropical Spice candle from dusk is one of the best looking candles I own! The black glass with the rose gold lid is stunning, plus the smell is very similar to a really nice mens cologne.

Another beautiful thing about this candle is that the flame through the black glass is purple, I could stare at it all day.

If you’re obsessed with the smell of caramel just as much as I am, you will fall in love with this candle!!

I originally had the mini size, which only lasted about a week as I loved it so much! Then I recieved the largest size as a gift.

The largest size candle has two wicks (extra smelling caramel, yes please!). To be honest, the candle doen’t even need to be lit up, just having the lid off makes the room smelling just as sweet.

I don’t even think I smelt this one before buying it, I saw the white marble design and bought it right away. Turned out the scent was Lemon Grass, which made me love the candle even more!

Doesn’t this one just look like a chocolate milk?! Oh, and it smells like the best chocolate milk you could ever get!!! The name of the candle is Hot Cross Bun-ny by Dusk, it was their Easter candle from 2017.

Plus look how cute the packaging is on the left!! I’m hoping they bring out the same candle this year. The candle on the right is one of the Christmas Dusk candles from 2016, the scent (Sugar & Glazed Chestnuts) is so christmassy!!! Always makes me smile.

Staying along the lines of Christmas candles, these two a very similar! Cinnamon candle and Spiced Apple Candle, I can’t wait for all the new Christmas candles to come out this year! (Yes I know, it’s only January)

Last but not least, I have this cute little vanilla candle from Marzia’s Homeware line! I just love her designs, she does such cute drawings!

Would you believe that these are not even all my candles…! I’ve come to the conclusion that there will be no more candle buying… for now.

If you have any candles that you absolutely love, let me know!!!

xx Krystal

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