The Best Recipes For Everything.

Now that I’m moving out of home and have to cook every night to survive….. I decided having cookbooks with me at all times while cooking would be a good idea, just so we’re not having Mac & Cheese every night!

Step by Step Cook’s Encyclopedia
This is my go to cookbook for everything. I have gone through the entire book and marked all the dishes I want to cook! The recipes are so easy to follow because they literally are step by step instructions.

This book gives you so many choices, it’s not just based on one thing. It has recipes on Meat dishes, Seafood dishes, dessert and Baking! It has everything!


Cakes & Cupcakes!
I’ve always wanted to have a day where I just get to decorate cupcakes! I’ve never been able to make them look picture perfect.


This is cupcake goals.There is so many yummy looking cakes and cupcakes throughout this book, my goal is to make every single one this year… well try to.


Clever Kids Cookbook
Now I know what you’re thinking “this is a kids cookbook” but trust me once you see inside, there is no way a kid could possibly cook all these. I really don’t know of any kids who love salmon… I may be wrong but salmon isn’t a dish a kid wants to cook. But I surely do!!

Also look at the presentation of this dessert… even I couldn’t do that.


Milkbar Memories
This is my all-time favorite!! It has the best milkshake recipes, there is so many different flavors. It’s not just a milkshake book, it also includes meals and sweets, it’s such an adorable book.



Australia’s Sweet Baking Favourites
This is a true Australian cookbook with the typical Aussie sweets (Hedgehog Slice, Lemintons, Tim-Tams).

Once again I have marked all the ones that look so delicious, I have to give them a go.

My Own
I then have my own little book that I write recipes in or I cut them out of magazines and glue them in.

This little book comes in handy, especially if I’m watching a baking YouTube video or cooking show, I can just jot down notes while I watch.

Cook For Life
This is the cutest recipe book! Instead of having photographs of the dished, they draw them!! It’s so different and unique compared to a typical cookbook.


After-Work Cookbook
This includes simple and quick but yummy meals for nights where you just don’t have time to cook a huge meal. This will come in handy, now that I’ll be living out of home!


Best Green Eats
Then of course I had to include at least one healthy cookbook. I bought this when I told myself I’m going to be more healthy… did not last long at all. But I still want to try a lot of the dishes inside!


Now that I’ll be cooking a lot more then I used to, I’ll be blogging dishes that I cook and also a few sweets from all these cookbooks that I’ve mentioned in this post. Let’s just hope I can make them look as good as they do on the pages..!

xx Krystal

One thought on “Cookbooks

  1. Eating Mac n Cheese every night sounds pretty great tbh… really interesting post- would love to hear how these recipes turn out. I’ve used the ‘Best green eats ever’ book a few times to up my veggie intake and it’s got some great ideas!

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