Meet Alarah

Our new family member.

I’m back! It’s been just over a month since I blogged, it’s been a crazy month with moving out and of course getting our new puppy. But I am back to blogging every Thursday and Monday!!! …. Now it’s time to meet Alarah, our cute little 3 month Staffy.

My partner and I had only been moved out together for a week when we realized something was missing. So we decided to visit the RSPCA, we had no plans on buying any animals we were only ‘looking’. Then we saw this little cutie…

(Ignore the black line, silly snapchat)

Now at first we actually asked about her brother, but we were informed that he had a heart problem which meant a lot of $vet visits$! I felt sorry for the poor little guy, I’m hoping another happy family could look after him and help him out.

We then had a play date with little Alarah (her name was originally Gucci, but we changed that right away..) we fell instantly in love and bought her home with us that night.

She made her self at home straight away!

Toilet training her has been a bit of a struggle. The first few nights my partner would have to wake up every two hours to take her outside to do her business. She still does a few accidents in the house every now and then but she has gotten into the habit of sitting by the door when she needs to go, thank goodness!

Just like any puppy all she likes to do is sleep and bite everything and anything she can get her teeth into! I’ve lost count of the amount of stuff she’s chewed. But thankfully she’s starting to understand the meaning of ‘no’!

Oh and she’s suddenly decided that she likes sleeping in the bed with us! She sleeps all night long until we get up and she will wake us up if she needs to go outside during the night! She’s turning into a smart cookie!!

She loves her car rides! She gets very fascinated with whats outside while driving, either that or she’s sleeping.

You’ve now met Alarah! The playful and sleepy new family member of ours.

xx Krystal

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