True Ghost Stories | Part 1

Grandparents Story.

I know this is something very different to what I usually post, but I’m so excited about this new series on my blog.

I wanted my first post in my ‘story time’ section to be something thrilling and interesting! Now I know ghosts are something that a lot of people disagree on, whether they believe in them or not. It’s one of those ‘I’ll believe it until I see it’ kind of things.

I believe in them. I may not have seen them, but after you read all the ghost experiences my family and friends have had… boy oh boy you’ll believe in them too!!

The first stories I want to share are the very odd ghost experiences that my grandparents have had.

Let’s start with my Nana’s stories.

She recently told me about this story from when she was a child.

Whenever someone she knew passed away, she would see them standing next to her bed that night.

After some time, a few more people she knew had passed away and on the night of their death all of them would be standing over her bed looking at her.

The next story is one that I’ve known about for years.

She woke up during the night and got up to go to the toilet. As she was walking down the stairs she ran into someone, she assumed it was my aunt, so she apologized to her. But then she suddenly heard my aunt snoring from the other room. It wasn’t my aunt, she ran back to bed where my grandpa was sleeping. She still has no idea who or what she passed that night on the stair case.

Now my Pa’s story.

There’s only one main ghost experience that my grandpa has had, and it’s pretty creepy.

When ever something bad was going to happen to him, his grandma would always show up at the end of his bed, as if she was warning him.

The day after the first night she showed up, he almost got hit by a truck! He got out of the trucks way so quickly that everyone who saw it was all in disbelief. They all thought he was going to get hit, he believes his grandma somehow moved him out the way, because there was no way he could’ve done it.

Ever since then, every time she was at the end of his bed he would know something was going to happen. But he was never scared because she would always protect him.

So there you have it, the first ghost stories with many more to come!

Let me know if you’ve had any ghost experiences in the comments below!!

xx Krystal

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